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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Mar 24, 2020

“Mental health is a daily practice. An all day, every day practice, of being aware of where you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.” - Millana Snow

In today’s episode, we talk to the internationally recognized wellness expert, Millana Snow. Energy healer, speaker and founder of Wellness Oficial, Millana has been studying and practicing holistic health and spirituality for more than 20 years now, she has built an energy healing business, serving hundreds of clients around the globe and she is here to show us why crucial and difficult times are the ones we learn from the most. 

Discover along with MIllana, Ronnie and Hailey the importance of mental health during tough times like the one we are living today, and how everyone must stop being paranoid, worried and afraid. Learn why identifying the moments that make us feel the most anxiety and fear as we identify how our body and mind react, is key. Stop freaking out about isolation and start exploring the company of yourself with this episode. Watch out for yourself and your people, know where love comes from and learn to struggle in order to heal. Plus, the art of breathwork and how this can help you identify your own pain (especially during a pandemic).

Over the past few years, Millana has been invited to speak at NYU, Syracuse University, Summit LA, PopSugar PlayGround, Blogher Heath, Soho House (NY, LA, London, Barcelona.) With more than 10 million listeners per month, she is the host of The Wellness Official Radio show on Dash Radio, a weekly show that pushes the boundaries of wellness.

Podcast Summary:

  • Meet Millana Snow, the Energy Healer. 
  • What’s the importance of mental health during tough times?
  • Why you shouldn't avoid the pain and loneliness that comes with isolation and how to discover richness by being present.
  • How to identify the healing opportunities and value within yourself.
  • What to do when your mental wellness shuts down.
  • How to identify when you are resisting to pain and trauma and how breathwork can help you beat it.
  • Why everyone is freaking out about being with themselves and how to cultivate love for yourself and for others. 
  • The importance of knowing where love really comes from and why you must love yourself first, then others. 
  • Learning about boundaries: Why you should never take away the pain from others and let them struggle instead. 
  • The simple practice you can start with TODAY to heal yourself.