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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Dec 10, 2019

Trevor Moawad is a renowned Mental Conditioning expert and strategic advisor to some of the world’s most elite performers. In 2017, Trevor was named the “Sports World’s Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated. From Ft. Bragg to Harvard Business School, from elite Quarterbacks to top level CEOs. Moawad’s mission is clear – to motivate the motivated.

“Mental health is a very broad area in the same way that physical health is.” - Trevor

In this show, we cover:

  • The different facets of mental health
  • Why the mental health “consumer” is confused
  • How attempting to cure anxiety (for some) can create more anxiety
  • Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes
  • Negative thinking has 40-70% more weight than positive thinking
  • A word affects how you feel, and how you feel affects how you perform
  • Saying something out loud is x10 more powerful than thinking it
  • A great organization speaks the same language
  • What is neutral thinking?
  • Why it’s important for the inside voice and the outside voice to support each other