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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Aug 11, 2020

In this episode of the Mind Games Podcast, Hailey goes solo to share how she was able to improve her emotional state in the face of uncertainty. It's not about spiritual bypassing or "faking it til we make it". Hailey shares a few powerful tips to help you go from low emotional states to better ones in just a few short steps.
Show Quotes:
The fear of the unknown doesn’t have to be fear.
If your thoughts aren’t serving you, try and find one thought that feels a little bit better.
When we can up-level our thoughts just one level at a time, we learn to slowly climb up our emotional scale into eventually feeing better.
We have the power to choose how we want to feel, and knowing that truth gives us our power back because we can finally understand that our human experience is up to us.
Each time you have a thought, that thought is creating a groove in your mind. Are you embedding positive thoughts into those grooves?
I’m doing this work. I’m in control. I get to choose the thoughts - and to me, that is the best part of this life. It’s everything.
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