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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Jul 9, 2019

  • Learn the practice of letting go of whatever does not serve you
  • Creating a practice and a toolbox to support you in feeling good. 
  • Can you become the witness ? 


  • “Right now - if your having a thought - is it about the present or the past? Notice where you are because most times we are not right here.”


  • For beginners I think of it as teaching them how to be a witness rather than a participant to what’s going on in their mind’s
  • “Feel your Feet” - Ground yourself through sensory perception 
  •  The dominant message in our world is be more, get more, do more and this is a huge challenge teaching yoga and mindfulness in the silicon valley because it can often feel like there is no end - Noell
  •  There is a huge fear that is keeping us “sick”
  •  We are all living in a certain state of fight or flight and practices like movement and meditation and breathwork that can slow down the nervous system but how do you create the space to actually do these practices 
  • How do you diffuse the physical piece of meditation
  • First my body feels the fear and then my mind reacts - so how do you diffuse what’s happening in your system 
  • If you can learn to love those around you, than that is amazing modeling behaviour on how to learn to love yourself
  • The process of Inventory through journaling to reveal the root of suffering