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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

May 28, 2019

Ellie Cobb, Ph.D., is a Holistic Psychologist, Wellness & Mindfulness Expert, & Human Sparkler. Dr. Cobb is the founder of *Grounded & Gold* and Director of Psychology for Thankful. Dr. Cobb is a speaker, writer, teacher, and advocate empowering others to improve their own well-being by making scientifically-backed mental wellness accessible, actionable and integrated into daily life. You can connect with her through and @groundedandgold.

Dr. Ellie Cobb on Learning to Retrain Your Brain:

  • “We are asked to do a lot, asks us to strive, to succeed, and while these things are great they can leave us distracted from getting to know ourselves. Even if it just a pause, how do I feel in this moment?” - Dr. Ellie

  • Listen to hear the importance of connection and how to cultivate more in our lives

  • The science behind smiling at strangers the mini mental health intervention

  • “Our body give us so many signals, it has a reaction to everything we do, we eat, we feel, but we often don’t pay attention to it” - Dr. Ellie

  • “The mental health field has done us a disservice. It sends us messages and signals when we have experiences that don’t feel good that there is something inherently wrong with us and that we need to treat it. It's the medical model - you have a symptom, let's treat it.” - Dr. Ellie

  • How to recognize that we are having a normal human experience when the icky feelings come to surface and realizing that we can use this as an opportunity to connect instead of an opportunity to disconnect  

  • “We tell ourselves a lot of stories about what gets in the way of us being able to do what other people do when they are being vulnerable” - Dr. Ellie

  • Fear - our biggest motivator

  • “Kid’s have an innate sense of joy. We get tons of messages in our lives from culture, from family, from doctors, that this isn't enough. That we have to work hard and strive to be enough. And through this process we lose the sense of identifying with that joy and sparkle and shine we all have within.” - Dr. Ellie

  • “We make decisions based on not being enough. If i do this then I will have enough value. The reality is that we need to do a lot less and we need to get know ourselves a lot more.” Dr. Ellie

  • The shift happens when we teach ourselves to become our own best friends

  • How we can grow this relationship with ourselves

  • Learn to have a better relationship with social media

  • What the circuit of reward is on social media and how awareness of it will support you

  • “We have to train our brain. We can teach it - we teach it by the way we think and the way we act.” - Dr. Ellie

  • The fake it till you make it mentality