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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Jul 30, 2019


  • “You are actually disrespecting yourself when you break your own boundary AND you have just given yourself the opportunity to create a new boundary that serves you better” - Hailey


  • The book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & John Tonswend 
  • Boundaries are often broken lets learn how to manage, deal with, and grow from our own broken boundaries that we experience 
  • Managing our own minds in the face of adversity
  • It’s up to us 
  • How to course correct and move forward without being stuck in the emotion 
  • “If we course correct when adversity comes up and decide I am just going to get to the destination we could get to the destination a lot faster” - Ronnie 
  • “It’s not about your emotion, it’s about your destination” - Ronnie 
  • Learn to deal with other people’s boundaries 
  • My Dad and I disagree on how to process emotions. What do you think?
  • Learn to manufacture the feelings you want to experience in your life in order to feel good
  • Take note of your difficult emotions and what they are trying to communicate with you 

Goal - Create one new boundary this month