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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Aug 13, 2019

In this episode, Hailey and Ronnie tackle the important topic of aggression and how it manifests in our culture, on the field, and within gender dynamics. Listen in as they get personal on this issue, revealing relatable experiences, personal revelations, and solvable frustrations. 

Key Highlights:

“For some people, even though it’s (just) aggression, we don’t know how big it can be.” - Ronnie 

“A lot of times, in aggression, it can be so overwhelming that we don’t understand what emotions are going to come out.” - Ronnie

“Meeting aggression with defensiveness, meeting aggression with more aggression, meeting aggression with any type of pushback, to me, only ignites the flame.” - Hailey

“A lot of the times it’s the things we don’t understand that become the things that trip us up.” -Ronnie

Talking points:

  • The dynamic of aggression between the genders
  • How we allow aggression to overtake decisions, even though we know those decisions are potentially toxic
  • How to handle the aggression of others when confronted with it.
  • Why people’s aggressive behavior is about them, and not you.
  • How the repression of emotions (in men, particularly) can lead to greater and more uncontrollable displays of aggression, and why true vulnerability is key.
  • Why athletes especially need to draw healthy barriers between aggression on the field and in their lives.
  • Why if your aggression is too much, it’s good to seek medical help.
  • The importance of therapy, and how essential it is for men to open themselves to the benefits of psychological treatment without feeling shame or embarrassment.
  • The importance of finding productive ways to release tension.
  • How curiosity can be a potent gateway to transformation.
  • How vital it is to remember we are all human.