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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Nov 26, 2019


“No matter how good you’ve done, or what you’ve accomplished, I can find a way to make it better.” - Joe

Joe Montana is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. He led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl victories (1982, 1985, 1989, 1990) and was named the Super...

Nov 19, 2019

"The more we can just notice what's going on in our body and experience the emotion, it will shift and it will change." -Hailey

In this episode Hailey covers:


  • 1st technique: Breath - It’s an internal support system
  • 2nd technique: Mindfully Eat - bring mindfulness practice into your eating
  • The importance of putting...

Nov 12, 2019

“You get out what you put into it.” -Eric

Eric-Nathan M. Kendricks is an American football middle linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. He played college football at UCLA. As a senior in 2014, he won the Butkus Award as the nation's top collegiate linebacker and received All-American...

Nov 5, 2019

“To whom much is given, from him much is expected.”

In this special episode the Lott Family takes you behind the scenes of their recent episode of A Football Life: Ronnie Lott on the NFL network. 

They discuss:

  • How being a warrior is about being the best that you can possibly be.
  • Why yoga provides the opportunity...