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The Mind Games Podcast with Hailey and Ronnie Lott

Mar 5, 2019

Hannah Gordon rose from being the first woman football beat writer as an undergrad at UCLA to an “influential women in football” ( and a Game Changer (Sports Business Journal). As Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of the San Francisco 49ers, she leads Legal, Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, Risk Management, Fan Engagement, Community Relations, the 49ers Foundation, 49ers EDU, 49ers Museum, and 49ers PREP. She advises on all issues related to both the San Francisco 49ers football team and Levi’s Stadium, including working on events like Super Bowl 50, the College Football National Championship, concerts, and other entertainment. Prior to the 49ers, Gordon worked for the NFL on the salary cap, player contracts, the 2011 lockout, and CBA negotiations. Gordon earned her B.A. at UCLA and her J.D. at Stanford, where she has served as a Lecturer in Law.

  • Not taking care of the mental, spiritual, emotional aspects of health can manifest in other areas if we aren’t taking care of yourself
  • The more aware yourself  you are the more you know when you are out of balance 
  • Finding the best candidate for the job is finding the best candidate no matter what they look like
  • Making sure you have a network of people who you can go to and lean on for support
  • Journaling for release
  • Book The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron 
  • Find the things that bring you Joy and make a commitment to create space for them in your life
  • Learn daily practices to take care of you
  • Perseverance and Vision can get you where you want to be
  • Understanding the total person with athletes not just who they are on the field.
  • Football is what I do, it’s not who I am - Marcus Allen
  • Little nugget on how to breathe through the tough moments